Doggface208 Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, House, Dog Face 208.

Nathan Apodaca professionally known as doggface208 and more famously known as 420 doggface 208 is one of the famous TikTok star and social media influencer known for his short videos posted on the app that has garnered him a huge amount of followers and showered his love. Nathan Apodaca famously called dog face 208 posted a video of him skateboarding sipping the cold drinks with background music played of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac which is one of the oldest band’s famous songs. He helped the song to be resurrected from his video and many people who have heard that song before became a fan of it.

This was how he gained prominence and popularity alongside consistency in content creation and promotion on social media. 

This article written by news broadcast blog contains the complete biography and everything you need to know about Nathan Apodaca famously known as doggface208, it contains answers to question about doggface 208 such as; Who Is Doggface 208 Tiktok, net worth, Nathan Apodaca doggface.

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Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Nathan Apodaca
Popular As Doggface208
Gender Male
Age 39 Years Old
Date Of Birth 24 October 1982
Spouse Estela Chavez
Height/Weight 5 ft 8"/80kg+
Profession/Career Content Creator/Tiktoker
Nationality American
Race/Ethnicity White/Native-Mexican
Religion Christian
Net Worth $3,000,000

Doggface208 Biography Wiki Bio Real Name:
Who Is Doggface208? Who Is Nathan Apodaca? How Did Doggface Get Famous? 
Nathan Apodaca who is professionally known as Doggface 208 from tiktok, Twitter, Instagram and social media platforms. Nathan Apodaca also known as Doggface 208 but is better known by his social media handle @doggface208 is a Mexican man from Wyoming. He is very famous on TikTok, with his account accumulating 6.9 Million followers, and it’s safe to say his followers adore him.

As reported, @doggface208 was introduced to the social media app by his daughters, who taught him how to use it and helped him film his first video. He quickly became popular for his lighthearted dance videos.

Doggface208 or 420doggface208 as he is better known on Twitter and tiktok, as become famous for sharing a video of himself drinking and skating and singing with background music played of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac which is one of the oldest band’s famous songs. 

Currently, Nathan Apodaca also known as doggface now makes load of money from influencing and ambassadorial deals alongside other businesses he opened after becoming insta famous. 

 Nathan Apodaca attended Idaho State University, Eastern Idaho Technical School. 

Many are still very surprised on how Nathan Apodaca became very popular on social media as he even revealed that he was introduced to social media by his daughters but he has now taken the lead with over 6.9 million followers just on tiktok alone and over 3 million followers on instagram. 

Below is the details of how doggface got famous, how did doggface become famous? How much is doggface making?
Before fame, This famous TikTok star used to work as a forklift Operator, and in 2013 he started to work for Fort hall Wildland Firefighting Department. Doggface later started his web career in 2017, however, the Corona pandemic helped him become a popular content creator. Because of his viral TikTok video, Fleetwood Mac’s song returned to the Top 100 Billboard Chart list.

Later in 2020, when Justin Bieber’s song was released, “Holy”, Nathan posted a TikTok video skateboarding of him, which Justin Bieber shared in his Instagram account. This made 
Doggface208 is a more popular viral sensation. Nathan Apodaca is famous on TikTok, but he is famous as an influencer on Instagram with around 3 million followers and still on the increase.

What Is Doggface208 Age, 
Doggface208 Birthday? 
How Old Is Doggface208? When Is Doggface208 Birthday?
The 39 Years Old famous Tiktoker and influencer, doggface 208, whose real name is Nathan Apodaca, just celebrated his 39th birthday few days ago on 24 October which happens to be his real date of birth.

What Is 
Doggface208 Date Of Birth And Doggface208 Zodiac Sign?
Nathan Apodaca date of birth is 24 October 1982 and zodiac sign is Scorpio 🦂.

What Is 
Doggface208 Social Media Handles? Doggface208 Instagram? Doggface208 Tiktok? Doggface208 Twitter? Doggface208 Facebook? Doggface208 Youtube?
You can find Nathan Apodaca professionally known as doggface 208 on virtually all social media platforms with the name doggface 208 on instagram, 420doggface208 on tiktok and Twitter and others as either Nathan Apodaca or just doggface 208. He has millions of followers on all of his social media accounts.

Doggface208 Nationality, Country?
Nathan Apodaca is an American influencer and Tiktoker, of American citizen.* 

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What Is Doggface208 Height And Doggface208 Weight? How Tall Is Doggface208?
Although Nathan Apodaca has a big body build, he is not more in height. Nathan Apodaca better known as doggface is about 165cm / 5 ft 8" tall when standing straight.

What Is Doggface208 Race And Doggface208 Ethnicity?
Doggface 208 has said he is Native-Mexican by ethnicity but of white race. 

Nathan Apodaca was born in 1982 in Idaho Falls, Idaho to a Mexican father and a Northern Arapaho mother, who grew up on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, USA. He told the LA Times he loves to embrace both cultures. “I'm Native-Mexican,” Nathan said.

Who Is 
Doggface208 Family, Parents, Father, Mother?
Nathan Apodaca still has his parents alive and healthy and unlike most other famous people, doggface doesn't have any problem showing his to the public. Both his mother and father are alive and he constantly shares pictures and video updates of his parents either when celebrating them or when he feels like.

Nathan Apodaca has three children, two girls and a boy of 16 Years Old whose name is Chavez.

Who Is 
Doggface208 Girlfriend? Doggface208 Married?
Doggface currently does not have a girlfriend, because he is married. Yes, Mr. Nathan Apodaca better known as doggface is married and doesn't have a girlfriend but a wife whom he has declared so much love for.

Who Is 
Doggface208 Wife? Ex-Wife? Ex-Girlfriend?
Mr. Nathan Apodaca also known as doggface 208 wife's name is Estela Chavez, with whom he has a son with.

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Doggface208 Tribe? Doggface208 Tattoos? 
Does Doggface208 Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Doggface208?
Mr. Nathan Apodaca’s mother is from the Northern Arapaho tribe in Wyoming and his father is Mexican.

Yes, doggface 208 has a tattoo. He has an eagle feather tattooed on the right side of his head.

Doggface208 Eye Colour, Hair Colour?

Doggface208 Interviews? 
Doggface208 Surgery? Songs?

What Is 
Doggface208 Net Worth? Doggface208 Net Worth In Dollars?
Mr. Nathan Apodaca known as 420doggface208, has made a lot of money despite coming from poor background as a result of his viral videos on tiktok and Instagram which drove him fame. 

Currently, doggface has made load of money from influencing and selling his products and other benefits from fame on social media he has an estimated net worth of about $3,000,000 as of 2021 *


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