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Meet the young Shaggi as he calls himself. A new talent in replica of Broda Shaggi as he is Popularly known, has emerge from the grassroot to attain a celebrity status. This article contains the biography material of a young boy who calls himself Mini Shaggi, as in a junior Shaggi. Mini Shaggi is the boy in the various viral videos imitating the Nigerian comedian Broda Shaggi. Here you'll find all about Mini Shaggi also known as young Shaggi.

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Mini Shaggi Biography, Origin, Mini Shaggi Wiki, Mini Shaggi Real Name, Full Name, Hometown, Gender, Husband, Ex-Husband, Ex-boyfriend, Nationality, Country, Ethnicity, Age, Birthday, Date, Of Birth, Family, Son, Sister, Children, Kids, Parents, Religion, Relationship, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Married, Tattoo, Tribe, Profession/Occupation, Education, Profile, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Interview, Surgery, Songs.

Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Daniel Plain
Popular As Mini Shaggi
Gender Male
Age 19 Years Old (2021)
Date Of Birth 2002
Girlfriend Not Available
Height/Weight 5 ft 8"/50kg+
Profession/Career Actor/Comedian
Nationality Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity Black/African
Religion Christian
Net Worth $1,000

Mini Shaggi Biography Wiki Bio Real Name:
Who Is Mini Shaggi? Young Shaggi? 
Mini Shaggi as he is famously known is a 19 Years Old boy, who happens to be an actor, comedian and a skit maker. Mini Shaggi as he is professionally known was seen in several of his Comedy Videos where he perfectly mimicked Broda Shaggi ( Number One Finest Agbero) as he calls himself, and his side kick Officer wooes. Mini Shaggi's real name is Daniel Plain, although he is yet to reveal his full name and he is still battling with sticking a particular stage as the previous ones have been taken down by social media. 
Mini Shaggi is an upcoming actor, Comedian and content creator known for mimicking Broda Shaggi and Officer wooes videos. 

Just in news, he has been trending after he appeared in one of Broda Shaggi's latest comedy videos with Comedienne realwarripikin aka known as Real Warri Pikin and Officer wooes where he(Mini Shaggi) was introduced to Broda Shaggi as his son and due to the near perfect resemblance, the video was titled No Need For DNA as the young boy is a total replica of Broda Shaggi.

The Young Shaggi whose real name is Daniel Plain is a doppelganger of Broda Shaggi and more fascinating is the fact that the young boy is a Yoruba by tribe just as Broda Shaggi.

What Is Mini Shaggi Age, Mini Shaggi Birthday? How Old Is Mini Shaggi? When Is Mini Shaggi Birthday?
Daniel Plain who is famously known as Mini Shaggi or better still called the Young Shaggi is a 19 Years Old boy, as an upcoming in the entertainment industry, not much is known about him yet including details about his birthday.

What Is 
Mini Shaggi Date Of Birth And Mini Shaggi Zodiac Sign?
Mini Shaggi or Young Shaggi Date of birth is 2002. And that is all that is known about his age.*

What Is 
Mini Shaggi Social Media Handles? Mini Shaggi Instagram? Mini Shaggi Tiktok? Twitter? Facebook? Youtube?
Mini Shaggi as he is best known, is yet to pick a particular stage name but he has been best recognize on tiktok with the username Mini Shaggi. Recently he has been facing issue with regards to getting an official instagram handle, although he had created a few but they were all disabled by Instagram.

Nationality, Country?
Daniel Plain aka Mini Shaggi is a Nigerian.  

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What Is Mini Shaggi Height And Mini Shaggi Weight? How Tall Is Mini Shaggi?
Mini Shaggi as a young boy is liable to gain more Height with time, so his exact height can not be determined now, but he is currently at about 5 ft 8" tall while weighing over 50kg+.

What Is Mini Shaggi Race And Mini Shaggi Ethnicity?*

Who Is 
Mini Shaggi Family, Parents, Father, Mother?

Who Is 
Mini Shaggi Girlfriend? Mini Shaggi Married?*

Who Is 
Mini Shaggi Wife? Ex-Wife? Ex-Girlfriend?*

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Mini Shaggi Tribe? Mini Shaggi Tattoos? Does Mini Shaggi Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Mini Shaggi?*

Eye Colour, Hair Colour?*  

Interviews? Surgery? Songs?*

What Is 
Mini Shaggi Net Worth? Mini Shaggi Net Worth In Dollars?*


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